Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Pictures of what we did today

The smokers came off with out a hitch.  It was so nice to see the smoke coming out of the smoking shed and the yard smelling like smoked fish.  We were able to process them tonight so they are ready to go... 
The weather was odd today.  Wet this morning.  Made all the snow turn to ice and smooth ice at that so it equalled a snow day for the boys.  Going over to the plant this morning I am sure I did a good imitation of Bambi on ice.  Didn't fall but Andrew did lift me up once or caught me.  Tonight it is cold, windy and snowing heavily.  Two inches I estimate already down and a few more to come in the next few hours.  Kids are hoping for another snow day. 
Looking forward to being at Dufferin Grove this coming Thursday.  It has been a long time.  The smoked is ready and we will have frozen.  We need to still wait for the ice to quit moving in and out.  It is broken up but on a calm night the chunks freeze into one solid sheet.  Patience, the time to fish will come again soon enough so we tell eachother. 
All else seems to be okay here.  Nice to be working again.  See you Thursday and aiming to be at Wychwood on Saturday.... 

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