Monday, February 26, 2018

Community Supported Fishery for 2018 May - December 2018

CSF – Community Supported Fisheries for Akiwenzie’s Fish & More…    2018
Another winter is drawing to an end we hope.  What a crazy year we had last year but we decided to continue on.  The fight to adapt to climate change is a battle but hoping we can or will adapt.  With your support we can prepare for another year.  The boat needs some TLC and the fish plant has a few things needing to be touched up.  Also just some funds to get the fish wheel to start rolling again and some examples of that are cleaning supplies, nets, rope, wages and fuel.       
With your support we can remain sustainable.  We only take from the waters what we need to continue but don’t take any “extra.”   This way we know we have done our part to ensure the future of the fisheries in Georgian Bay.  As a side note, you, the customer gets the satisfaction in supporting a local wild caught fishery.
The dates the program will run this year.  Start date is May 26, 2018 to December 1, 2018.  It is roughly a 30 week span.  Deadline for payment is May 5, 2018.  Please, spend your share by December 1st, 2018.  Makes it easier to have it not run into the winter or following year…    
Half Share - $200(An extra 10% will be credited to your support to make the total $220) Maximum we ask you can spend at our table per market is $50. 
Full Share - $400(An extra 10% will be credited to your support to make the total $440) Maximum we ask you can spend at our table per market is $80.
There is no minimum for either of these and it covers everything on the table which could include fresh or frozen whitefish and/or lake trout.  Smoked whitefish and/or smoked lake trout.  In the months of October to December it also could be Golden (whitefish) caviar.
Please remind us that you have a CSF with us and we can record it in our book that we keep with the kit. 
We ask if you want something specific, please e-mail me a couple of days before a market so we can put your name on it so it saves on your disappointment.  Examples would be whole fish, fish heads/skeletons.
Payment Options for either choice:    Cash, Cheque or e-transfer. 
Reminder: We have a Standing Fish Order list.  We can add your name to a list of customers that have a piece of fresh fish put aside them.  You don’t need to do this to participate in the CSF.  It is just to help with any disappointment in missing the fresh fish.  We need to know your preference in species of fish and size.  Then if we have it, it will be waiting for you at the market every week.  We will sell the fish after 10:30am so there are no worries in case something comes up and you can’t make it.  I try to e-mail everyone on the list the night before the market to let you know if we have a piece of fish waiting for you or not.  It gives you a chance to cancel it if you want to pass on it that week.    
Thank you for your continued support– Natasha & Andrew Akiwenzie

Our contact information is:  Akiwenzie's Fish & More... 
                                             165 Lakeshore Blvd. Neyaashiinigmiing, ON  N0H 2T0
                                             519-377-4560 (call or text)
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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Some Chicken Pics

We have a number of chicken breeds.  Some of them are considered heritage breeds.  This is the list of the different breeds and the eggs colours they lay.  The brown egg layers can vary in the shades of brown.  I have light brown eggs to dark brown.  We have chickens we call Frankenchickens.  All we mean by it is that it is a combination of two breeds.
Species with the colour of their eggs
Red Sex – Brown Eggs
Black Sex – Brown Eggs
Columbian Rock – Brown Eggs
New Hamp – Brown Eggs
Red – Brown Eggs
Barred Plymoth Rock – Brown Eggs
Rhode Island Red – Brown Eggs
Leghorn – White Eggs
Minorca (Heritage Breed) – White Eggs
Araucana (Heritage Breed) – Blue/Green Eggs
Cochin (Heritage Breed) – Beige
Sumatra – White Eggs
Frankenchickens – Our own mixed breed – Different

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

St. Lawrence Market - North Market

Can't believe it is our fourth week at the St. Lawrence Market coming up.
So much has changed in the last 4 weeks.  We are no longer at Wychwood, the Brickworks, Sick Kids, Sorauren, Dufferin Grove or Lion's Head Markets.  And we miss them and the customers there.
We are trying to focus all of our energies with the St. Lawrence.  The set up is a little different than what we and our customers are use to.  We have use of a really nice display cooler.  So no longer do we have coolers sitting on top of a table.  Our signage had to change for we used the coolers and table to display our signage.  Now it has to be on the side of the display cooler or smaller on the front and above the cooler.  These are not bad changes but definitely changes.
The one thing that didn't change is our quality.  Our fresh fish is still yesterday's catch.  Our smoked is still as good as you had at the other markets.  We are still manning the booth.  Our frozen is still frozen the same day it was caught so it captures as much freshness as possible.  We still catch, process, smoke and sell our own fish to you.  We are still bringing in our catch which is normally whitefish and lake trout, all caught in Georgian Bay just north of Wiarton on the Bruce Peninsula.
Please come and look for us at the St. Lawrence Market.  We are set up under the big white tent near a honey and maple syrup producer.  We are there on Saturdays from 5am to 2pm.  Hope to see you there.