Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Some Chicken Pics

We have a number of chicken breeds.  Some of them are considered heritage breeds.  This is the list of the different breeds and the eggs colours they lay.  The brown egg layers can vary in the shades of brown.  I have light brown eggs to dark brown.  We have chickens we call Frankenchickens.  All we mean by it is that it is a combination of two breeds.
Species with the colour of their eggs
Red Sex – Brown Eggs
Black Sex – Brown Eggs
Columbian Rock – Brown Eggs
New Hamp – Brown Eggs
Red – Brown Eggs
Barred Plymoth Rock – Brown Eggs
Rhode Island Red – Brown Eggs
Leghorn – White Eggs
Minorca (Heritage Breed) – White Eggs
Araucana (Heritage Breed) – Blue/Green Eggs
Cochin (Heritage Breed) – Beige
Sumatra – White Eggs
Frankenchickens – Our own mixed breed – Different