Sunday, February 17, 2013

Will be down on Thursday for Dufferin Grove Market

I am headed over to the processing plant shortly.  Andrew was good for he already went over there this morning to get the woodstove going and turn on the hot water heater for me.  The hot water we shut off a few months ago when we left the bakery.  No sense paying for hot water we are not using. 
Today the sleeves come up and the scrubby pads come out.  Time to scrub the walls and tables.  Time to make it squeaky clean again. 
I will also be making brines this evening.  Hoping I still remember how... 
The excitement to be back to work is hard to contain.  The boys have a long weekend so the clean up won't be to difficult.  Teamwork and the place will be sparkling again... 
I also will be finalizing the CSF (community supported fisheries) I have been working on.  It should be ready to go when Andrew shows up at market.  If anyone is interested you can contact me directly and I will e-mail it to you sometime this week.  Also if Andrew runs out of copies of it at market just e-mail us and we will send it out to you. 
Looking forward to being back at it in a few short days....   :)
Also looking forward to seeing the smoke coming out of the smokers again.  We have missed that.  The sweet smell of maple. 

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