Sunday, April 15, 2012

Trying Something New This Week

We are having vehicle issues.  The distance we need to travel per market and with the amount of room we need for the coolers, we have had to come up with something new. 
After hours which seemed like days of brainstorming, this is what we have come up with. 
We have asked a delivery company to bring our fish to the city.  Then it will arrive at the market which Ali from Fish Shak will sell for us. 
This is not maybe the best solution but it is a solution that will work for the time being.  We will miss being at the markets, talking with customers and other vendors.  We also enjoy the time away from home and exploring the city. 
But on the positive side.  We will gain two more days to fish which will help for we can't always work on Mother Nature's schedule.  We also will be able to save the wear and tear on the vehicle. 

On another note, we are beginning to prepare for the fish to be down at Dufferin on Thursday.  We are watching the weather reports change on a daily bases.  It is always amusing to watch.  Sometimes it is changed 3 times in a day.  Andrew has been doing some repairs to the boat motor.  Something about 2 fuel pumps and the ignition coil which sounds like some really important parts....  :)

We did Owen Sound Farmers Market this past Saturday morning.  We were nicely surprised to bump into a couple of our regular Toronto customers.   Most of fish found a home.  We hope to continue there and it seemed to be warmly welcomed.  Something for Owen Sound to enjoy and we are happy to return there.  That is the market we started at almost 10 years ago.  Some of customers were surprised to see how much the boys have grown over the years.  They remember them in one piece snow suits and being home schooled.  I also got my feed of Kettle Corn and cheese curds.  Also found some honey that I can use for the honey garlic fish. 

It was a good weekend overall.  Feeling a bit anxious about this weeks markets but I believe everything will be fine.  Just feeling those nervous, excited butterflies before trying something new. 

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