Thursday, April 19, 2012

Blogger has changed its look?!?!

I signed in and was looking a screen I have never seen before.  Took me a bit but I think I have it figured out - maybe. 
The fish made it off with a delivery company called, On The Road Delivery from Walkerton.  It is a husband/wife team and they seemed excited enough about taking on this challenge.  We were excited and bit nervous about someone taking our fish to the city for us.  They showed up early so we gave them a quick tour of what we do and they seemed impressed.  They seemed like genuinely good people and hopefully this works out for both businesses.  They are travelling back empty and are interested bringing goods from the city up to this area.  Look them up if you know of anyone who could benefit from this service. 
Alli from Fish Shak will be selling for us today.  After going through a checklist of what to pack, still forgot a few things like a table cloth and doing up more business cards.  Saturday I will have it figured out - maybe. 
Smokers are just a puffing next door at the plant.  The smell of the smoker going is something that I would miss if we got into something different.  We are in the process of planning to be at Wychwood and Owen Sound's market this Saturday morning.  Alli again will be selling for us again at the Wychwood Barns and Barb has returned to selling for us in Owen Sound. 
We are excited that our fish will be at Creemore's 100 Mile Store yet again.  I hope they enjoy it!
Talking about the smoker, I need to go and check on it.  Enjoy the fish and I hope the rain hold off till after the market. 


Geewadin said...

Andy its Geewadin. give me a call asap. what i am reading is exactly what i was going to recommend. i am still coming up this weekend so we can chat on sunday if that works for you. also i would like to bring back more fish to this area as those who tasted your product are very impressed.

Natasha Akiwenzie said...

Hello Geewadin,
Sorry we didn't get back to you but have been working really late at the plant. Can we touch base Sunday when you are up? Thanks,

Geewadin said...

sounds good. see you then.

Owen Carpenter said...

Hi nice rreading your post