Monday, April 23, 2012

Winter is not done with us yet...

What a dramatic change in weather.  Yesterday there was a bit of chill to the air but today it feels like a mid November day and has the wind too...
I knew the marine forecast wasn't going to be to nice but decided to take a look anyways.  The red banner is across the top again.  It says there is a Gale Warning in Effect.  The wind is up to 30 knots from the north right now and increasing to 35 knots sometime today.  The temperatures are pretty nippy too but standing at the shore this morning reminded me of November. 
I hope to have our fish at Dufferin Grove this week.  Alli at Fish Shak is still willing to sell it for us.  I just need to wait and figure out if the weather will allow us to find some fresh fish.  The winds are going to continue to Tuesday evening so we are going to need to wait and see.  I will be smoking fish tomorrow though.  The fish will be headed for the brines shortly and smokers will be cleaned up.  We will begin the preparations like the weather is lovely and the winds are calm....  Crossing our fingers and hoping for the best. 
The delivery company, On The Road Delivery, is working out well.  Surprised to see someone pulling into the driveway at 3am on a Saturday morning.  They are enjoying the trip down and meeting some new people. 
I am also very happy with how Alli from Fish Shak is handling this extra pressure and work.  Heard all good stuff about how he is managing with the fish.  Yay!!!!  I also am very pleased at how Barb is doing at Owen Sound on Saturday mornings!  Just need to continue to tell people our fish is still at the markets and where to find it. 
I am hoping some of you could bring us some newspapers.  Before recycling them, if some of you could bring them to market.  The newpapers are getting pretty pricey and with all the markets, they are going quick.  We normally use only the Globe and Mail or the Toronto Star for they open up to being nice and large.  The Toronto Sun is okay but it opens up short and some of fish fillets are longer than the paper....  Also I forgot to pack any paper for Saturday's markets.  At 3am my brain is functioning but not at 100%.  I didn't hear of any problems with no newpapers this week but I will try to remember them this week. 
Thank you for all the support with this change with how and where our fish sold.  I was soooo nervous last week but now I feel a bit more relaxed about it.  My fears didn't come true and it all seemed to work out in the end.  Change is never easy and hard to take a risk with something that means so much to us.  But hey, it all worked out and I can breathe with a sigh of relief.  I now can continue to carry on with this week and work on not forgetting newspapers or table cloths!!!!  Thanks again to all involved!

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