Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Smoked Whitefish & Frozen Whitefish for Dufferin tomorrow!!!!

Labelling the smoked fish this morning was not all that difficult.  It was whitefish or whitefish or whitefish. 
But it was so nice to open the fridge and have the plant fill with the smell of smoked fish.  I forgot how good that smells. 
The coolers are already to go.  The frozen whitefish has been put aside and all the smoked it looking fine.  Andrew is counting down the hours till he is able to be in Toronto again.  Cabin Fever this year seems harsh.  Every couple of days it seems like spring makes a reappearance and tempts us with putting the boat back into the bay.  But we have been patient.  We know from other years, we need to see what will happen at March Break.  The water could be open right up to March Break and then it has frozen over.  We had to wait till April to get the boat into the water.
We want to be able to get fresh but it will just need to wait just a few more weeks.  I have to remind myself daily that is only the middle of February.  Still a lot of winter to come....

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