Monday, February 13, 2012

First Market of 2012 - Dufferin Grove on Thursday

Okay, as long as the forecast hold true, we will be down Thursday. 
We will be smoking some fish up in the next couple of days and also bringing down some frozen whitefish. 
No, we haven't pushed the boat back into the water just yet.  We would like to but with the temperatures all over the place, we are hesitating.  If the bay decided to freeze up, we don't have a vehicle strong enough to pull the boat back out of the water.  Last year ice was able to punch a hole in the boat.  We figure it is best to be patient this year. 
This winter has been complicated.  Weather has been so unperdictable with temperatures and lack of snow.  We feel like we should have done some markets but then winter returns only to disappear again a few days later.  We feel like we should have kept the boat in the water but who would have perdicted a mild winter back in December. 
It was just another reminder that we are in a business that Mother Nature has the final say and she sometimes has an odd sense of humor. 
We are looking forward to Thursday though.  Cabin fever will be remedied and finally get some yummy food.  Making the shopping list now and counting down the days to getting some real Olive Oil, Feta cheese, honey and hopefully some baked goods.  Oh, can't forget coffee.... 

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