Thursday, February 9, 2012

Getting Antsy.....

Is antsy a word?
The sun is shining, the wind is blowing but it is soooo warm outside.  Our dogs are out sunning themselves and I feel like spring is in the air.  Strange to wake up listening to birds singing.  It normally is still very quiet this time of year. 
We are counting down the days.  This winter continues to be an odd one and hard to go into hibernation mode when the temperatures are above zero and it feels like spring. 
One more day we can check off as we very slowly creep towards March.  We aim to be back into the water by March or March Break.  Still very cautious for winter could return and I will need to dust off my skis again.  Andrew is pacing back and forth from the shore.  He wants to push the boat back into the water too but we both need to be patient.  Oh it is hard to be patient when we see the sap is running in the maple trees, birds are singing and it is above zero.  I must take a big sigh and go and do something to busy my hands.  Fishing will come but it will just take time..... 

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