Sunday, January 31, 2010

Finished Laying Tile in the main area

We had a busy day.  We finished laying tile in the main processing area.  We need to clean the spaces between the tiles now and prepare for the grout.  The vinyl tiles we laid earlier this year, before we were told that they would only accept ceramic tile or cement, are being ripped up.  What a pain it is and we thought we were done these rooms only to have to do it again.  Also we may need to do the trim again because in some areas the tiles are pulling it away from the walls.  We hope to start tiling the little room just off the processing area and the washroom tomorrow.  It will be so nice when all the cutting of these tiles are done.  The saw is incredibly loud and makes your head just rattle. 

The ice had the boat locked in this morning.  Andrew had to break free for someone got stuck over at Hay Island and gave them a ride back first thing this morning.  He said it was nice to be out on the water but it was quite rough on the ride back.  The guy who came back with him stood behind him all the way back trying to get out of the way of the spray and wind. 

We are not to sure if we will be able to get out fishing again this season.  All depends on the temperature and the amount of ice that is being collected out on the bay.  The wind for the next few days are calling to be quite strong. 

The boys were out skiing again today.  Enjoying all of new snow and it is still falling.  They have a race this Sunday.  They also have been invited to sing "O Canada" in Ojibway for Groundhog day.  Breakfast Television will be there.  Tuesday morning at 7 the boys are to be in Wiarton in the heart of Wiarton Willie's Celebration. 

We hope to make it to a market this week.  Things are very tight right now with little or no wiggle room.  We thought we finally were digging our way out but with this retiling, truck issues and new dead line with the inspector we feel we are back to square one and winter is not the best time to be in this situation.  We finally know the feeling of the hamster running on the wheel in its cage. 

Thankfully we have had some wonderful support from our customers and friends.  We also have had many generous donations like the ceramic tiles from Powell & Bonnell.  These tiles are beautiful and should hold up to the wear and tear of our normal days in the processing plant.  Thanks to all and hopefully we will be back to normal asap.

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