Monday, February 8, 2010

Working on Dufferin's Market

Finally the tiling in the main processing area and bathroom is done.....    I have done some difficult things in this renovaton job but tiling almost took the cake...  It is right up there with drywalling.  But the inspector paid us a visit today and he seemed happy with it.  I had hoped so for between the truck repairs and the time it took us to do the tiling we almost gave up.  But almost is the key word for we are fighting on. 
We are right now trying to prepare for Dufferin's Market this Thursday.  It looks like we should be there.
The house is quiet right now and just trying to relax after a busy day.  I was just looking in our fridge and saw some mushrooms of some sort (they are quite large) that need to be used tomorrow.  Wonder if I could figure out how to do homemade mushroom soup?  (Yum) I am not that great or even good as a cook but I have to figure it out or something else to do with the mushrooms.  I think there is also a celery root.  Hummm...   I guess I need to get somewhat creative for dinner tomorrow.  Or even a better idea is to let Andrew figure it out for he actually can cook.  I think that is the way I will go and then I can go to ski practice with the boys.  On that note I should let our puppy out one more time and then go to bed. 

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