Monday, January 25, 2010

As if things weren't stressful enough.

We went to drive the boys to town for school and the truck had died.  Not sure if it can be fixed and no way to find out what could be wrong with it.  We have a few ideas but laying on the ground in the rain and slush doesn't sound good.  Even if we have to replace something minor it is 27km drive one way into town to get it.  So the boys enjoyed it for they got a day off school.  But they missed a day of skiing with their class.
After a couple of hours trying to fix the truck, Andrew and I went back to tiling and quietly pondered the situation.  Still 12 hours later, we haven't come up with a solution.  Until we come up with a solution we won't be down to the city.  Even normal errands now are going to be a challenge.  Living in the bush is nice but we are not that close to banks, stores, etc. 
This is the straw that we knew that could break the camels back.  We had hoped to make it two more weeks but the truck I guess had different ideas. 
We are off to bed early tonight and hopefully after a good nights sleep we will come up with something. 

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