Friday, December 11, 2009

What wonderful weather

It's windy, cold and snow squalls. Our footprints get filled in almost as fast as we can make them.

We haven't gone fishing. Nor did we make it to Dufferin Grove Market or the Terra Madre Event yesterday. Highways are horrible. This is the kids third snow day and today the school was actually closed. Tomorrows market at Wychwood is up in the air right now. If this continues into the evening we have to cancel for we will be out before the plows and that will make it next to impossible.

I have the smokers going just incase we can make it but no fresh fish for market.

The first winter storm of the season and it is a monster. It is suppose to stop over the weekend sometime and then return Tuesday till next weekend. The boys are looking forward to more snow days for the end of next week is their Christmas holidays.

Hopefully this weather will chill out for a bit and allow us to slip into the city tomorrow and get home before it picks up. If not we will aim for next week. Hope to see you tomorrow, weather permitting.

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