Sunday, December 6, 2009

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We have snow. And it is still falling. And it is suppose to continue falling till Wednesday then it is suppose to rain. Just wonderful but what can you do. It is December and I guess I should be happy to get the skis out of storage.

We have been busy. Stacking wood, shovelling out the boat, and trying not to track the snow through the house.

We made it to Wychwood market this past Saturday. It was a challenge again this past week. Our truck decided to overheat just outside of Orangeville and a tow truck swooped down on us and just waited for us to say "we give." Luckily Andrew with his many talents he was able to fix the problem and get us on the road again. I was glad to miss that trip with the tow truck but I am sure the tow truck driver was trying to figure out how much he could have made trying to get us back to Owen Sound. I guess that driver was thinking that would have been his Christmas bonus. But Andrew is a quick thinker and knows quite a bit about vehicles and had us back on the way to the city.
We will attending a celebration on December 10th for Terra Madre. This is a link about it.
We haven't quite figured out if we will leave Dufferin Grove Market early to attend or split up but this event goes from 6-9pm Thursday. It is open to the public and we will be giving samples out and also selling our fish. Nice thing though is I get to go to Dufferin for a week and the boys get a day off. No complaints from anyone.
See everyone this Thursday hopefully and I hope to get some more pictures of this white fluffy stuff. It is beautiful but I am just not ready for it.

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