Thursday, November 26, 2009

Sorry for not updating as much as I should

Crazy days. Just flying by and already looking at changing the calendars over to December. Also wondering where I put the new 2010 calendars.
Christmas is almost here. The boys first reports come home soon and the two week holiday for them will start in less than a month.
Well the first couple of batches of caviar has gone out. I will be working away on the next little batch I will be sending to Wychwood.
Today Andrew is down to Dufferin. A good amount of fresh whitefish. I am in the middle of getting ready for Saturday. The smokers are on and been basted. Now just letting them brown for a awhile and shut them off in a couple of hours.
We are hoping the wind calms down a bit. It says the winds are suppose to be light overnight then increasing to 20 knots (40 km) Friday morning. That will make it come straight down our shore between Hay Island. Not the greatest for one net and a bumpy ride to go to and from the other net. But hopefully it is wrong or if it could wait to pick up after Andrew is off the water. We shall see tomorrow. The challenges of the fisherman. Flurries are in our forecast also for next Tuesday. I am not ready for it but the boys want it so they can go skiing.
Hopefully I will down Saturday. Andrew and my oldest will be for sure but I may have more dry land training for cross country skiing again with my other two boys. It is nice to watch the boys do but roller skis is something I will never try myself. Falling on snow is one thing but falling on pavement or gravel is completely different. I think with age we become more cautious. I know I am and I am thankful if I do fall on skis, everything still kinda works when I try and get back up.

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