Thursday, November 12, 2009

Working on Caviar for Wychwood Market

Andrew is on his way back from Dufferin Grove Market. He said it was awfully cool by the end of market.
Today I was smoking fish for market on Saturday. Also worked a little while on the caviar. Tomorrow the eggs will go into the jars.
Some sad news today for the family was our husky died of old age. He was at least 13 but it still doesn't make it any easier. He laid down for his afternoon nap and just never got back up. He was a good friend, always talked to us and loved the fish.
Tomorrow Andrew hopefully will make it out fishing. The wind is SE 15 knots and then increasing to SE 20 knots by tomorrow evening. That means the wind will be 30-40 km from the southeast tomorrow. It is not the greatest but maybe we will be able to sneak out before it picks up.
The kids have no school tomorrow so they get to help out around the house. They have a long weekend and we don't have to wake up early to drive them into school. Two of our boys have dry land training for cross country skiing on Saturday. I will stay back with them so Andrew and our oldest son will be down on Saturday. Good father/son time.

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