Sunday, December 13, 2009

Andrew went out Fishing

The winds have calmed and Andrew was able to get his nets back into the water.

He is now working on tractor to start the clean up of the snow and now slush since it is beginning to melt.

We made it to Wychwood Market yesterday. The snow stopped in the evening and gave us the window we needed to sneak down to Toronto yesterday. The market was busy and it was good to see everyone out.
We also picked up our ceramic tile yesterday. It was a wonderful and very generous donation that Powell & Bonnell arranged. That will be our holiday challenge is to lay it. That will change the look of our plant but for the better I think. It will make our clean up a lot easier. Our floor drains have been finished recently and now with the tile the floors will be super easy to clean. One step closer to impressing the Fish Inspector.
Our boys have been selling red willow with some cedar and spruce. They are doing well at it and nice to see them motivating eachother to cut them, organize them and then finally selling them. The beginnings of become entrepeneurs. Our oldest son has a field trip at the end of year that he wants to save for. Also the other two are on a competitive cross country ski team out of Owen Sound . They now can buy their own gloves or waxes. I also hope that this will make them appreciate and take care of what they buy.
There will be no Wychwood market on Boxing Day. We will return, weather permitting, on January 2. So I guess that means this coming Saturday is our last Wychwood market till 2010. Amazing how time is flying. The new year is sneaking up on us already. I don't think Dufferin is going to miss any markets for the holidays but I might be wrong. Will need to double check later on.
Hopefully will be able to update this tomorrow or soon. I have brines to make for the next smokers that will be hopefully headed to Dufferin this week. Hopefully all the crazy weather has passed and we can move on to what ever normal is now.
Happy Holidays if I don't get a chance to update this. And Have A Wonderful New Year.

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