Saturday, January 2, 2010

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow....

The snow will stop soon I think.  I think maybe in April it will stop.  The boys are loving it though.  They just finished a cross country ski camp this past week and did a relay enduro race this past Thursday.  They had a blast and we are just waiting on their results.  Our oldest son was promoted to being an assistant coach for the new and young skiers on the team and the other two are training hard for the next race at the beginning of February.  And I was able to coach some women who had never been on skis and I enjoyed watching their confidence they gained by the weeks end.  The boys had their coach from Canmore, Alberta working with them this past week and under his coaching and support they improve hugely. 
Today was my birthday.  I think I turned 28 again.  It was a nice quiet day and the boys made me a cake.  We are watching Julie & Julia the movie right now and are enjoying it.  We have watched it many times but it brings us fond memoies for we did two lobsters on December 19 which was a first for us.  I must say it was an experience but we did it and we don't really need to do it again.  I stayed in the living room while the lobsters were being dunked and I did everything to stop myself from jumping up and adopting them.  In the movie it sums up how I felt perfectly by saying, "Lobster killer." 
We have been fishing over the holidays.  It is getting really cold for Andrew and the gear.  We have ice already forming in our little harbour.  Andrew won't be able to get out till maybe Monday to retrive his nets.  The winds are suppose to stay up around the 50km mark for a couple of days.  Also the wind chill makes the gear freeze up almost instantly.  He says even with a toque, balaclava and winter gear on it is still frigid out.  Making the tears in the corner of his eyes freeze.  He has invited me out but I just couldn't.  I don't even know how he can do it.
We are planning to return to Dufferin Grove market on Thursday.  Weather permitting, of course.  This wind should stop shortly I hope.  The fish Andrew is catching are nice and plump.  They fattened themselves up well for the winter.  Something like we did over the holidays....
Hope everyone had a great holiday and have a wonderful New Year.  See you soon in the city. 

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Ferdzy said...

"...maybe in April"

Okay, that made me laugh. I'm really, really hoping it will be March, though. Nice blog, by the way!