Monday, August 24, 2009

My smokers are over half built

Our plans changed for the weekend but for the better I think. My smokers were started. I am sooooo happy to see that happen. A friend came up from London for the weekend and poured the pad and laid the block with Andrew. This coming weekend he is coming up again to finish it and then we just have to do the finishing touches like the doors.

Today we hope to start working on some of the loose ends so we can check them off the list as being completely done. The plastic walls may be also be started today but if not today very soon.

We ordered 2 more boxes of epoxy but even just the one coat is looking great. They will be in on Thursday and Friday could be the last coat of epoxy. That means this weekend all the tables and such can be moved in.

So it looks like another couple of weeks to finish up but we are getting there. I always thought doing my smokers and epoxying the floors were the markers to say we are nearing the finish line. Those things were not able to be done until everything else was completed.

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