Saturday, August 29, 2009

The block is done for the smokers

Our friend Rick who has his own company in London called First Choice Masonry put the last brick in Thursday. I am excited at the thought to try them the first time. Sure they have a way to go but at least it is almost there.

We have been working on the plastic walls. What a challenge that has been. But it is giving the place a very professional look. Today we hope to finish that. Of course we ran out of glue for the last board and the tub of glue is $35.00 each. But once the last board is up then is just to epoxy the last time and tomorrow to move the tables in.

The work is getting done. School starts soon.

We hope to keep updating this blog but we may not be able to. The bills would like some money and well they will need to wait till the plant gets the a-okay. We will still be here working away and hopefully sooner than later we will be back. We are trying to remain positive but as days slip away it is getting harder but I know we will be better off in the end.
Thank you for your patience and support. We hope to be back soon.

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