Tuesday, September 1, 2009

We moved our stuff in yesterday

It is starting to look like a processing plant. We have water to my big sink and even the toilet got fixed. (It wasn't filling up properly)

Took a picture of our shore just minutes ago. Wonder what is missing.

Hope you enjoy the pictures.

We are talking about calling the inspector in again shortly so we are that close. Just a few of the big buys are stalling us but we are working on it. We need to hussle up for school is next week. Still can't believe summer is over. It went quick and was the strangest one we ever had. We weren't fishing, or doing markets or driving to Toronto. But hopefully we return to normal shortly and get back to what we know best.


-roscoe said...

Holy Cats!!! It looks pristine! You can rent it out for surgery. Thanks for posting the pics, it's really good to be able to keep up.

Mary Anne said...

What an excellent outcome after so much effort.
A truly impressive accomplishment.

When is the grand re-opening party, Natasha? ;-)

Hope to see you at the BW market before Sept is over.

Unknown said...

When will you be back at Dufferin Grove Farmer's Market? Or maybe I have missed you!?
I hope you have been able to clear all the hurdles. I am looking forward to your wonderful fish!