Thursday, August 20, 2009

Floors are painted and walls to be started

The floors are painted will get the first coat of epoxy tonight. We are getting the base boards today and they will need to be painted. The wall coverings will be started tomorrow and hopefully it will be all done by tomorrow night. Then the last coat of epoxy that will cover the base boards. Then we have to stay off the floor for 24 hours but it will give us time to finish the railings on the porches and flatten the area for the smokers.

If this all happens the way it should, the plumbing and securing in place our big 3 sink can be put in place. Also some of the tables can be brought in by Sunday. Then it is just the smoker, plumbing to all the sinks, placing the ice machine, and finishing the walk in cooler. Then it is all the finishing touches.

But in other news around our house. Yesterday our dog had 7 pups and our conure parrots laid an egg. Something our friend who gave them to us said they would never do.

Our boys are off to a dry land training for cross country skiing with a national coach, Angus Cockney. He is from Canmore, Alberta. They are trying roller skiing today.

We are busy but being very productive and nice to see the progress of the plant.

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Mary Anne said...

The transformation looks amazing. A huge amount of work, but it will be worth it to have all of those improvements.

By the sounds of it, your pets have been busy too!

Wishing you a speedy completion of the reno. We miss seeing you at the BW farmer's market.