Monday, July 27, 2009

Still Working on the Renos

We are at the point we can see the end. It isn't very close but it is there. Andrew is working on the electrical for the bathroom, staff room and storage room right now. I am running for parts and wires.
We are missing the fish but believe when we are finished it will be for the better. Just to get there is testing our patience and working as a team. Seriously, husband/wife shouldn't do a couple of things together like putting up drywall or making up floor plans. But we can laugh or just smile about it later even if it needs to redone a few times.
Our one son is off the Band Camp this week. The other two just returned from a day of dryland training for skiing. They had to run 6 km, kayak for 5 km, roller skiing and do some other things. Today they are feeling it but they are off to do some more training at the Cape Croker Park. I think by the first snow fall they will be able to run circles around the rest of us. Just hearing about all of this running and so on is making me sore. They are wishing for snow already so they can go skiing again. I think they should enjoy the cycling for a bit longer and not rush the summer(?).
Well we are hoping to be back in the markets shortly. Still lots to do but we are moving quickly and have a game plan. We know what needs to be done and the order it has to be done in. Slowly it is being checked off our list and the changes are looking good. Still looking at maybe two weeks but that is pushing it. We are hoping though.


Mary Anne said...

Hi Natasha,
We are missing your presence at the Brickworks Market. But having done many renovation projects over the years, I know they can be all-consuming.

Wishing you and Andrew a successful completion of the renos very soon.

Looking forward to seeing you at the market. :)

N. Akiwenzie said...

Thanks and hope to be back soon.