Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Countdown is on to Completion

The light at the end of the tunnel we can definitely see. The electrical was completed for the staff, store and bathroom. The electrical was started in the front room (processing area) and should be completed once all the plastic walls are in place.

We have put a new hole in the exterior wall for a basement door. The side door will be higher and the stairs will be removed so the whole process area is one level. No more stairs to lug fish up or down. Our side porch will be going up to be the same level as the side door so that we will have a loading dock of sorts.

The shed that will house our smokers will be started in a couple of days. The floors in the plant will begin to be sloped once the plastic walls are started.

Today will be the last day of demo in the plant. Just the rebuild to do. By tonight the stairs will be in place for the basement, no more stairs from the side and the final wall will be built to block off the basement completely from upstairs. The drywall may be put up and mudded tonight depending on energy level. That means I will be sanding and painting tomorrow while Andrew either starts the plastic wall or cement pad for the shed or both.

We are looking at late next week to being back to somewhat normal depending on the progress of this project.

The 28th was our 14th wedding anniversary so we would like to see the completion of this task as one of the more massive challenges we have overcome together. It was a true test but it wasn't the first thing we built together. Our house we built together 12 years ago and we moved in when it was just a shell and the second floor wasn't even in place. Our front bay windows was the door with a sheet a plywood and our ceiling was a leaky tarp.

I hope you enjoy the pictures but I wish I had some from before for this is not even close to how it use to look.

Again, thank you for your patience and support through this project. We will be back shortly. The boat is waiting for us with all the nets on the dock.

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