Wednesday, August 5, 2009

We have lights

The electrical was done to the point it could be done to this point. Only the ice machine and hot water tank is left but we have lights inside, downstairs and outside. We have outlets that work.
We also laid tile in the store room and staff room. The side porch we pulled away from the house and are preparing to lift it to be the same height as the side door.
I am just happy to see the lights and not having to run extension cords from only two outlets.
I also was told today a short movie that was shot early in June about us and fishing is ready to be shown in Toronto. It will be at the Tranzac Club 292 Brunswick St. that is near Bathurst and Bloor. It will be shown on Friday August 21. We will try to be there but we will need to see how these renos go. Hopefully we will be back in the markets before this.
So we are trying to stay positive and moving along at a pretty good pace. I hope I remember the next time I update this I can share some pictures. Again, thanks for all of your support and patience.

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