Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Still doing renovations

We are hurrying. Just days are flying and the little jobs are turning into huge ones.
We want to thank all the people supporting us through this challenging time and as soon as we can we will be back.
The fish are just waiting for us and our boat is tugging at the dock. We just replaced her prop so she would like to give it a spin.
The nets are cleaned and just waiting on shore. Just waiting on the plant to get finished.
The last coat of mud went on the walls today so the painting will start tomorrow. The sloping of the floors will also begin. A whole lot of math which I was never to great in. Luckily Andrew is great with numbers and knows how to use all of the tools and machines.
The boys are doing well through all of this. All of them did a bike race in London and won 2 first places and one second place. Also one won a brand new bike. One of the boys just finished Band Camp in Southampton and has earned a scholarship to attend another Band Camp in a week again held in Southampton. Training will begin this weekend for cross country skiing(winter -bah). They also joined baseball and they are enjoying it. Another beach volleyball camp is being set up and that will add to the schedule. So they are keeping busy and going to bed tired. Just reading this little blurb about the boys is making me tired.
Again, we will be back asap. We are doing as much as we can for we need to get back to the markets and doing something we love and have a strong passion for.

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Dave Comeau said...

Good luck wrapping up the renos.

I miss you guys! I'm having withdrawl :) Let us know when you'll be back at the Brickworks!