Monday, April 20, 2009

Andrew made it to San Jose

Andrew left at 1:30 am and made it to his hotel about an hour ago. He hopes to catch a couple of hours of sleep and then get ready for the conference tomorrow.
He is lucky he pulled his nets from the Bay before he left. It is windy and just yucky here. The wind is southeast 20-25 knots and waves 2 metres. I wish I could show you the white caps hitting our shore. The temperature is 6. We are back to wearing jackets and sweaters.
I spent the day trying to figure out what to keep myself busy with. I froze up yesterdays catch and did a bit of a clean up. Pretty quiet here during the day with Andrew in San Jose and Daniel also left for the city for the week till Andrew returns. It's nice to be so quiet but wish the weather would clear up so I could go weed my flower bed or clean up the yard.

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Unknown said...

The whole trout I got last Wednesday was amazing on the grill! Super fresh, nice and fatty. Thank you!