Thursday, April 23, 2009

One More Day

Andrew will be home tomorrow from San Jose, California. Things can return to normal. Sure it was nice to have break but a week of trying to twiddle my thumbs was long enough. I did get a little bit accomplished but not much.
Andrew did well on his speech. That was a first time in front of a crowd like that. He is going to try to make it to the shore of the Pacific today. The fisherman is missing the water but I am sure it will be very different than Georgian Bay. I love the smell of the ocean and that is something I will never forget. Hopefully he notices it and is able to at least put his foot in it. I asked him to bring me home a shell but with no creatures still accommodating it. When I was on the Pacific shores off Victoria I remember the handfuls of sand dollars that scattered the shore. Also the numerous other types of shells but some of them still had occupants.
Finally here at home the sun has peeked out. The boys are anxious to go out biking tonight. I am trying to relax before this for I know they have been saving up the energy all week and the plan is to go until mom says "I give".
We will share the pictures of Andrew's trip when he returns. He will be back tomorrow night and just in time for his birthday. He will also be bringing back Daniel and work will commence Saturday.

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Janet said...

Happy Birthday Andy and Miingan!