Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Will be down to Dufferin tomorrow

I couldn't believe it, but Andrew made it out yesterday to go fishing.  Today he is out there to lift and reset his nets for Friday.  What crazy weather yesterday and that is why I was surprised he made it out there... 
Anyways...  All else seems pretty quiet.  Chickens are enjoying this rainy weather for it brings out all the worms...  I ordered some ducks the other week and today we go to pick them up.  They are only day olds and will keep us company close to the house until they are old enough to manage on their own.  Between baby chicks and now ducklings, it will be off the cuteness scale for a while...  I also have to learn how to train a duck.  Boys want to know how a duckling sounds but I have no idea but I guess tonight we will.  My question is how to train a duck.  With food I am assuming.  Animals seem to be easily bribed. 
See you tomorrow at Dufferin and hoping to be at Wychwood this Saturday.  You can always reserve fish by giving me a quick Face Book message or e-mail or phone call.  It would save on the disappointment.  I am also hoping to start a standing order list.  This way you don't need to worry about contacting me weekly.  I will see if I have time to organize it for this week's markets but it is a work in progress... 


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