Friday, June 13, 2014

Will be at Wychwood tomorrow

Well, the early customers will have the best selection.  We have a little bit of fresh lake trout but a lot of people reserved their fish this weekend.  Nice to see that for I know these people won't be disappointed.  We have our smoked fish and some nice thick pieces of lake trout. 
The smokey fish bits went over well last week and I am glad to hear most people had it on a salad or just as a snack as they strolled around the market.  Won't have it this week but maybe soon...
We had a new banner made and it will be nice to see it up for the first time tomorrow.  Also finally got some new business cards.  Even had our name of our community put on it.  Neyaashiinigmiing...  Surprised it fit.  :) 
Thinking of doing a fish fry fundraiser in September up at our house/work.  Thoughts? 
See you tomorrow and the weather sounds beautiful. 

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