Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Wind, windy, windier...

Windier I am not 100% if that is a word but don't know how else to explain the last few weeks.  Last market we did was Thanksgiving.  Then we made it out fishing on October 29 and lifted the nets on the 30th.  We didn't find the fish that time around.  Since then we have been on shore.  So in total, 31 days of a Strong Wind Warning and lately it has been a Gale Warning.  I have to much time on my hands to be able to sit here and figure that one out...
So for giggles I thought I should look up the Marine Forecast for Southern Georgian Bay again.  This is what it says:

Today Tonight and Thursday
Gale warning in effect. Wind west 25 knots backing to southwest 30 near noon then increasing to southwest 40 early this evening. Wind diminishing to southwest 30 late overnight.
Issued 10:30 AM EST 13 November 2013
Today Tonight and Thursday Waves one metre building to 2 near noon and to 3 to 4 early this evening. Waves subsiding to 3 Thursday morning.

Extended Forecast

Issued 03:00 AM EST 13 November 2013
Friday Wind southwest 25 knots.
Saturday Wind southwest 20 knots backing to south 25.
Sunday Wind southwest 25 knots.
When I read it over to be able to tell Andrew, I especially liked the 40 knot wind later today and 3-4 meter waves by this evening.  That kind of water you can lose your cookies with and be happy if that is all you lose.  That is the water you come to the top of a wave and see shore and then just hope when you slide down the other side that you can make it to the top of the next wave to see shore again.  That is just a six foot wave or two meter.  A four meter wave....  Well, you best be on shore. 
So we wait.  The chickens could be showing up today but if not, for sure by Friday.  Only missing three latches now for the doors or gates but other than that - done!!  I hope they show up today so I can stop watching the minutes tick by.  I just finished dusty the house.  Can't remember the last time I had enough time to dust the house and not just key areas.  
Well hope to be back at market sooner than later but no promises.  Waiting for Mother Nature to blow off some steam and maybe December will have no or very little wind.  One can always hope.   

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