Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Okay, enough is enough - Wind

This is crazy.  No other word for it.  Look at the darn marine forecast for the rest of this week...

Today Tonight and Wednesday
Gale warning in effect. Wind northwest 25 knots diminishing to northwest 15 late overnight then increasing to west 20 Wednesday morning. Wind increasing to southwest 30 near noon Wednesday and to southwest 35 Wednesday evening.
Issued 10:30 AM EST 12 November 2013
Today Tonight and Wednesday Waves 2 metres subsiding to one early Wednesday morning then building to 2 Wednesday afternoon. Waves building to 3 Wednesday evening.

Extended Forecast

Issued 03:00 AM EST 12 November 2013
Thursday Wind southwest 35 knots diminishing to southwest 30 in the afternoon.
Friday Wind southwest 25 knots increasing to southwest 30.
Saturday Wind southwest 30 knots diminishing to west 20.
What can I say or do about this?  Not much.  I have to remind myself that we have to stay safe and anything above 15 knots is not safe.  Even 15 knots is dangerous for the boat acts like a giant sail.  10 knots is doable and wind light is great.  Don't see a 10 knot or wind light anywhere in this forecast.  We could do 15 knot but it has to last 36 hours.  I think I am asking to much...
Sigh...  What a way to start one of the harshest times of the year.  Winter will be settling in soon and we are stuck on shore watching the days march on.  Keep saying to each other that we can make it to the next market and well Mother Nature has different plans for us.  Sorry, should be more upbeat but finding it hard. 
Good news though is the chickens may be arriving tomorrow.  That will keep us busy and our minds on something else.  Good to dwell on something you can do something about and not on what you can't control. 
Well off to finish the coop.  Just a few little things to do or finish on it.  One nice thing is that it isn't raining or snowing out today.  Yesterday with the wind and rain, it was just miserable out.  Today it is just a biting wind but that just means you need an extra layer on and a warm tea close by. 

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