Thursday, November 14, 2013

What else is there to say? Still blowing out there.

Yay...  Gale Warning is down but Strong Wind warning has reappeared.  Well, what to do other than hurry up and wait.  This is the marine forecast now.  Still doesn't look good.

Today Tonight and Friday
Strong wind warning in effect. Wind southwest 25 knots.
Issued 10:30 AM EST 14 November 2013
Today Tonight and Friday Waves 2 metres subsiding to one Friday morning.

Extended Forecast

Issued 03:00 AM EST 14 November 2013
Saturday Wind southwest 20 knots backing to south 25 late in the day.
Sunday Wind south 25 knots increasing to south 30.
Monday Wind south 35 knots becoming northwest 35.
Still looking for a day that says 15 knots or less.  Maybe I missed it but I don't see it.  It sounds like we will be trying to keep our busy still on shore till at least Tuesday.  Monday sounds fun.  35 knots from one direction and swinging over to cover the other direction. 
For fun I looked up the difference of a gale warning and strong wind warning
Gale Warning: A warning issued by Environment Canada’s Meteorological Service (MSC) if wind speed of 34 to 47 knots inclusive (gale force wind) is forecast or observed over a marine area.
Strong Wind Warning: A warning issued by Environment Canada’s Meteorological Service (MSC) if a wind speed of 20 to 33 knots inclusive, is forecast or observed over coastal or inland water bodies during the recreational boating season.
Anyways, this is so abnormal.  Never have I seen or experienced wind to carry on so persistently like this before.  Maybe two weeks but that was abnormal. This is way past normal.  Mother Nature is not happy and she is letting us know. 
Well we do have some milder temperatures being blown in.  Hope everyone gets their running around done before the next freeze up happens.  I sort of enjoyed the ground being frozen the other day.  No more mud and I knew that the kids would be able to ski sooner.  I remember the boys use to be able to ski mid or end of November and by the time race season came at the end of December it was no problem.  Now the snow comes and the first time on skis is the first race of the season.  Times are a changing.  I remember going with the boys over Christmas holidays to go for a night ski with them.  It was beautiful.  Giant white snowflakes falling and the only sound were the skis.  There was so much snow we weren't scared of wiping out for the banks were high and kept us on the trail even if we couldn't see it.  Now we hope to get them out skiing over the holidays and hope it isn't just an icy, slushy, snowy mess.  Not as beautiful as it use to be.  Had to laugh for I was told we had to go north to find good snow.  Here I was thinking I was north. 
That season is coming but first to get through this windy, rainy fall.  We will return as soon as humanly possible. 

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