Monday, November 18, 2013

Crazy weather... How else to explain it?

Glad we got our hydro back last night.  It went out about 7pm and came back by 11:30pm.  We tried to play cards but playing cards by candle light is hard.  We called it an early bed time for everyone but it was hard to sleep with the rumbles of thunder and howls of wind.  Anyways, hoping after this blow that things will calm down.  Looking at the marine forecast it sounds like the may give it a bit of break but we will need to wait and see.  This is what it says:

Today Tonight and Tuesday
Storm warning in effect. Wind west 50 knots diminishing to west 45 near noon then veering to northwest 35 early this evening. Wind diminishing to northwest 25 near midnight and to northwest 15 early Tuesday morning. Wind diminishing to light Tuesday afternoon.


Issued 10:30 AM EST 18 November 2013
Today Tonight and Tuesday
Waves 4 metres subsiding to 3 this evening and to 2 late overnight. Waves subsiding to one Tuesday morning and to less than one half metre Tuesday evening.

Extended Forecast

Issued 03:00 AM EST 18 November 2013
Wednesday Wind light increasing to south 20 knots in the afternoon.
Thursday Wind southwest 15 knots diminishing to light.
Friday Wind north 25 knots diminishing to light.
I actually see winds light a few times and one 15 that is not great but a possibility.  Funny thing or maybe not funny is how the wind light or the 15 and how there is a blow between each wind light.  We will get ready to go fishing but also be prepared that it still may not be possible.  Go hour by hour, day by day.  Frustration is becoming the key word.  Financially it is becoming interesting.  This is now day 37 with no market.  Last market was Thanksgiving weekend.  That seems like a century ago... 
Haven't seen Storm Warning before so I looked it up and this is the definition:
A warning issued by Environment Canada’s Meteorological Service (MSC) if wind speed of between 48 and 63 knots inclusive, is forecast or observed over a marine area.
I thought this was interesting for in the last 30 days or so, we have seen strong wind, gale and now storm warning on the marine forecast. 
Anyways, we still wait.  Thursday for Dufferin we doubt we can make for we need to be fishing today and that is out of the question.  Now to see if we maybe can pull something off for Wychwood on Saturday. 

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