Sunday, November 3, 2013

Sorry for not updating in such a long time

Time has been crawling by and nothing much to say or to update on. 
I know we have missed it seems like a huge amount of markets and this week looks no better.  Why are we missing so many markets?  Well the wind has just been persistent.  This is what this coming week looks like.

Today Tonight and Monday
Strong wind warning in effect. Wind northeast 10 knots becoming light this afternoon then becoming southeast 10 this evening. Wind increasing to southeast 15 late overnight and to southeast 25 Monday morning. Wind increasing to southeast 30 Monday evening.


Issued 10:30 AM EST 03 November 2013
Today Tonight and Monday Waves less than one half metre building to one early Monday morning and to 2 to 3 near noon Monday.

Extended Forecast

Issued 03:00 AM EST 03 November 2013
Tuesday Wind south 25 knots diminishing to southwest 15 in the afternoon.
Wednesday Wind southwest 20 knots.
Thursday Wind southwest 30 knots increasing to northwest 35.
It had changed since yesterday for it looked like we had a small window that could have been opened from this afternoon to early tomorrow morning.  That window has disappeared though for the forecast has been changed when we checked it this morning. 
To sum this all up is just frustrating and wishing we had a bit more say in the weather conditions.  It is now November and with November comes the winds. 
What are we doing?  Well we are trying to keep busy.  We are preparing our bus that we had sitting out back to hold chickens or become our chicken coup.  The chickens should be showing up sometime this week.  Excited about our new adventure with chickens and hoping they like their new home.  We are making their nesting boxes right now and also fencing in areas in the bus we don't want them to get into.  Tomorrow we hope to start fencing in the part of our yard that they will be able to run around in.  I will try to remember to post pictures of them when they arrive.  Boys don't know what to think about chickens for it is a far stretch from fish to chickens but I think they will enjoy them too.  If nothing else, they will enjoy that we have fresh eggs all the time.  Talking chickens, best get back to the bus. 

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