Thursday, October 3, 2013

Beauty of a day

Love days like this.  Not to warm nor to hot.  Hung out some laundry and looking forward to the fresh smell.
Today Andrew was off to Dufferin with smoked and some fresh.  We had to make a decision yesterday if we were going to risk the nets staying in so that we would have fish on Friday.  We decided not to.  At the time of decision the forecast was calling for a strong east wind and thunderstorms.  Now I just looked at it and it has changed.  But the wind hasn't.  The wind is still going to be:
Strong wind warning in effect. Wind light becoming east 10 knots early this evening then increasing to southeast 20 early Friday morning. Wind backing to east 20 near noon Friday.

An east wind for us is really challenging.  Hard sometimes just to get out of the little slip Andrew made to protect the boat from an east wind.  This wind comes directly at our shore and when the water levels use to be much higher, it would rearrange our shoreline and unbury some treasures.  But that was a while back ago. 
We will be down to Wychwood though.  We will only have smoked with us but we will try again for next week.  Maybe Mother Nature will be a bit more cooperative.  If you are ever interested, this is the forecast we go by or check many times in a day.  East winds are never good.  Any direction that the wind blows can be challenging depending on the strength of it.  Anything with east in it is more challenging and most times not worth the risk.

The boys enjoyed bringing and sharing their fries that they do at home last weekend at Wychwood.  They both have their own little businesses at home.  Chris, our oldest, sells ice cream and Nodin sells the fries or poutine.  It was a good exercise for them and a new experience.  One thing to pack up and organize themselves for pow wow that is on the reserve but it is totally different to prepare for the trip to the city.  Kept reminding them, if they forgot anything, it is a four hour trip home to get it.  I think they did well this past weekend and this weekend will run much smoother.  Not saying it didn't run smoothly this last time but it will be even better this time around. 

Well, see you on Saturday.  Last day for people to sign up for the Fall CSF that we are offering.  Andrew will be heading home from market in a few more hours and I should check the smoker. 

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