Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Smoker Looking Good for Dufferin this week

Woke up to seeing snow blowing around for another day.  It isn't really building up but just seeing it and hearing the wind howling, makes you want to stay in bed a bit longer. 
We got the smoker on without any issues and it turned out really pretty looking.  Not to much trout but maybe more for Saturday. 
I hope everyone had a good Easter.  We had a nice long weekend and didn't do to much of anything.  Enjoyed Sunday and Monday with the alarm clocks not going off.  The boys enjoyed the long holiday too.  They got their mountain bikes out of storage and went for their first ride. 
This week we have extended the CSF till this Saturday.  The Fishy Dollars if you are already participating though, will be valid this coming Thursday and will continue on into July.  If you sign up this week, they will be valid right away.  Thank you for you support with this CSF.   I am thinking we will do this again in the Fall but will keep you updated on our plans with that. 
It was good to do Owen Sound again.  My son Chris did it for us and he said a lot of familiar faces and he enjoyed his time there.  I was happy for he brought us home chocolate chip cookies and kettle popcorn.  We hope to do it again this week but it may not be Chris manning the booth this time.  But we shall see how this week progresses.  Doing Owen Sound is like coming home.  It is where we started so many years ago.  We then branched out to the Keady Flea Market and a little local market called Crow's Creek.  We couldn't have predicted to be doing what we do in the City of Toronto just a few years later. 
Talking about the smoker.  I think it should be cooled enough now to take it off the racks.  I hope you enjoy it on Thursday at Dufferin.  :)

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