Friday, April 19, 2013

Rain, wind, rain and more wind

Crazy weather.  Seriously crazy doesn't even begin to describe it.  Snow is in the forecast for us tomorrow.  Go figure.  We had the woodstove going yesterday and sounds like tomorrow we will have it going again.
The wind is our biggest concern.  40 gusting to 60 seems to be the favorite thing and the only thing that changes is the direction.  One of the tops of our spruce trees were snapped last night and now the top is being held up in another tree. 
This morning we were listening to the news and heard there was a tornado that may have touched down just north of Shelburne.  Andrew was telling me that he had to take a detour off of Hwy 10 and now knows why.  He says if he hadn't stopped to find something to eat, he could have seen it first hand.  Glad he got home safe.  He said he knew something was up with how the wind was really moving the truck and how the rain was just driving down.  He said he had to be careful driving for there were tree branches all over the highway. 
I guess in how it effects us is we can't get out fishing.  The winds just won't let up and won't for a little while.  Reminder of how little control we have over the weather.  If you are interested, this is the link we keep an eye on to know if we will be venturing out or not.  Anything with the wind direction east is bad or anything above 15 knot winds is not the greatest either.  We need two days of winds under 15 knots and according to this forecast, it won't be happening in the next few days.
We will be at Wychwood tomorrow.  We will have smoked with us and also some frozen.  Hoping that the month of May will be a tad bit more favourable weather wise for us.  I am sure with all of this rain the farmers are not that impressed either. 
On another note it is our youngest son's birthday today.  Fourteen.  So tonight he wants pizza, chocolate cake and cookies and cream ice cream.  Sounds like a teenagers birthday to me.  :)   I am have been spending the last few days telling boys about what was going on fourteen years ago and how his brother came into this world.  I was telling them about when we were driving out to the hospital that we saw a beautiful rainbow and then a fox.  Good memories. 

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