Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Out Fishing

Andrew just headed out onto the water.  Everything seems to good and quiet around here.  I hope to get some laundry out on the line before heading over to the plant to start my work. 
Spring is here I hope and think.  Some of my flowers are blooming and I can see the buds coming out on my lilac bushes.  Everything is starting to look a little greener.  I don't think this winter was any worse than others but I think how long it took to having warm temps this spring made it hard.  Just a few days ago we stopped using the woodstove but looking at the forecast, we may have to start it up again maybe on Saturday. 
Boys are now in the process of starting to think of what they will be doing this year in their businesses.  Listening to Chris, my oldest, telling the other two boys what flavour of ice cream he will be starting with.  Nodin, The Fry Guy, wondering when he should be starting the clean up before start up.  Miingan suggested to him to clean up now so we can have a poutine for supper last night.  The boys are funny but glad to hear they are talking about it already and maybe this weekend we can start the process.  I know Andrew has started the raking to clean up the yard in front to the plant and the boys businesses.  Now just for us to get a move on so that in May sometime, we are already to give it a go. 
See you at Dufferin tomorrow.  Hoping the showers hold off till the end of market. 

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