Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Smoker is going for Dufferin Market

Well the smoker is just a going.  The fish is about half way done right now but still about 3-4 hours to go before we can shut it down for the day. 
The deadline for the CSF is coming up quickly.  We are looking forward to doing this the first time.  It is nice to know how much fish we need to fill the orders so it takes the guessing out of it. 
I also know the large garbage pick up is going on shortly in most communities.  If you are out and about and see an oven or you have an oven you are throwing away, we will be happy to take the racks out of it.  These we use for the smokers.  They have to be oven racks though.  Other sort of racks can't take the heat and usually have a coating on them.  We go through a number of racks in a year and I always have a few that need to be replaced.  Trying to find the replacements are tricky though. 
Also newspapers we are always looking for.  We prefer The Toronto Star and the Globe and Mail.  We find these to be the perfect size to wrap fish in.  It is ashame to have to stop on the way to markets to buy newspapers to wrap fish in.  One good thing with buying new papers though, we can do the puzzles and catch up on the recent news while it is slow. 
Other than the normal stuff, it seems pretty quiet up here.  Snow will begin to melt tomorrow we figure.  The boys are out skiing as much as they can this week for the conditions will worsen as the week goes on.  We are beginning to plan our garden and hope to get the plastic for our greenhouse we have in the back.  I know I want tomatoes for sure, bell peppers, onions, beets and basil.  Not to sure what else but tomatoes and basil and other herbs seem to be the easiest for us.  The others we seem to be in race to see if moles or insects will get it before we do.  Maybe with the greenhouse it will improve our chances... 
See you on Thursday and we are going to also be at Wychwood (the Stop market) on Saturday. 

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