Sunday, March 24, 2013

Reminder the CSF sign up deadline has been extended

Just a quick reminder that we extended the deadline for those who still want to support us and receive the FISHY DOLLARS.  The extension will go till the end of market on Saturday, March 30th.  Thank you to those who are already signed up and thank you for your support.  Also if you have paid, please come by our booth for we have your dollars for you. 
Today we were just busy with some odd chores around the house.  Andrew also cleaned the carburators for the outboard motor.  I did some dishes and also made some brines.   Pretty quiet day all in all but it was nice. 
Andrew also planted some begonias for me in some planter boxes.  I bought one plant last year and enjoyed how long it lasted and how it added some colour to the yard.  It also stood up to some pretty high winds which amazed me for other plants were bent or knocked right out of their planters.  This year we will give it a try to see if we can grow some right from the bulb.  Don't know if we will but it is worth a try.  Save a little bit of money on them too.
Things are melting pretty quick around here.  When we left Saturday morning to head to market, the driveways were still snow packed.  When we can home most of the drive was clear.  Also all the roads were dry.  The snow banks are shrinking and I hope by the weeks end, winter will be a memory.  I know some people love winter and I enjoy it too, but getting sick of shovelling or trying to put on my winter boots. 
Hoping things work out this week so that we can be at Dufferin.  Looked on the weeks forecast and it sounds promising but will need to wait and see.  Hoping to see you then!!!! 

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