Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Almost Bathing Suit Weather.... Sorry just had to say it

What a beauty of a day.  Sun is shining, snow is melting and I even hung the laundry up outside. 
Smoker is going along just nicely.  I am also just trying to finish off some more Fishy Dollar packages.  Seems pretty quiet but a really nice day. 
Happy Easter to everyone if I happen to forget to mention it later on.  I need to find the guys in the family some chocolate something or other.  I also want to get myself a chocolate rabbit.  Eat the ears, then the feet, then the tail, then the body and save the head for last.  Sorry but I had all year to plan on how to devour the rabbit.... 
See you Thursday at Dufferin.  Reminder:  Saturday is the last day to sign up for the CSF.  Thanks to those who are already involved and participating.  Thank you for your continued support!  

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