Friday, May 25, 2012

Will Be At Owen Sound Tomorrow

I know I haven't been updating this is a bit.  Long days the last little bit and too tired when I get home. 
We have decided for the next week or so to slow down a bit and just focus on the local markets.  We hope to return to the city shortly. 
We are going to continue with the local markets like Owen Sound on Saturday mornings and Meaford on Friday evenings starting June 1.  We have a friend, Barb, taking care of both these markets for us.  We also are supplying a distributor called, Product of Ontario Market, Ron Gillespie and he takes our fish to 4 local markets.  I think they are Markdale, Williamsford, Flesherton and not to sure of the other one.  He can be found on Grey Bruce Foodlink and also Facebook.  We also supply Kurt Hick who takes our fresh to two markets.  One I think is Port Elgin and the other is Kincardine.  So if you are near those markets, look them up for they will have our product. 
We also have been supplying Rocky Raccoon's Cafe in Owen Sound and now in Tobermory too.  Also Creemore 100 Mile Store and Chicory Common in Durham.  I also heard the Southampton's Meat Market also has our fresh fish.  We are scattered through the local area but hopefully you will be able to find us or at least the fish. 
And of course, if you ever find your way up here, we offer it out of the plant.  Smoked fish is available usually mid to end of week.  The smoked fish goes the quickest.  Fresh is usually always available but if not we have frozen fish.  It is always a nice surprise to see a Toronto market customer at our door. 
Boys are doing well with their ice cream and french fries.  With this little bit of a heat wave they are kept hopping for I am thinking most people don't want to cook or need a cool treat.  I know I grabbed a gourmet (real cheese curd from a local dairy farm) poutine for I sure didn't want to heat up the house with any kind of cooking. 
Talking about work, looks like the storm moved on so I best get back to it.  Not a lot of rain fell but hopefully enough so the grass doesn't look so toasted. 

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