Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Who Turned Up The Heat?

It was the first night of the year that it was hard to get to sleep.  Stuck to the sheets and the fan just blowing hot air.  Boys jumped in the bay really quick to cool off before coming in for the night.  I was tempted to follow suit till I felt their hair and it was really, really cold.  Settled for a cool shower.
Smoker went on this morning.  It is headed to Meaford's Market on Friday afternoon.  Also Produce of Ontario Market (a distributor) is coming to get some.  He takes it to 4 local markets.  They are Dundalk, Markdale, Williamsford and Flesherton.  He will be taking some smoked and if this wind calms, he will have some fresh whitefish and lake trout too. 
Then the preparation for Owen Sound's Saturday morning market begins. 
Still thinking about Toronto.  Missing it definitely now.  Still trying to figure out how to overcome some of our recent challenges but the answer isn't very clear.  Someone put a bag of coffee beans in my coolers when they were returned to me.  Oh that was a treat.  I immediately sealed up our coffee beans from Compliments and made Andrew and I a real coffee.  We went to the grocery store last night and was after some feta cheese.  We came out empty handed for we just couldn't do it.  But we know we will need to go back and settle for what is available here.  We also went to get lettuce last night.  It was sad looking...  Again left it alone.  Went into the store with all these grand ideas for summer meals that takes no boiling of water or turning on the oven and all we came out with was dog food.  We came home a bit disappointed but then put Nodin to work to make us some poutines.  That hit the spot.  We also are missing the customers, other vendors and the hustle and bustle of the market.  It seems so quiet up here.  Hopefully sooner than later we can return.  Just need a few things to fall into place and we can return to normal. 

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