Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Smoker is on and Andrew is out setting nets...

The water was eerily calm this morning.  Beautiful, stunning and reminds us why we live here.  But after a week of wind to go this calm...  Of course we will take what we get and Andrew hurried up and went to set some nets this morning.  I had a smoker to put on this morning and felt a bit rusty.  Just a little while ago went to check the smoker and the wonderful smell of sweet maple and the beginnings of smoked fish hit me.  I do love that smell.  It smells so sweet and smokey. 
We are doing Dufferin this week as long as something doesn't change the weather dramatically.  We can work with rain or overcast skies but please let the wind remain calm like this morning. 
Other than preparing for market, all is quiet.  Just nice to hear the boat leaving the dock for the first time in a few weeks and smelling the smoker just puffing away. 

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