Monday, September 19, 2011

Andrew's Pictures of the sunrise this morning

We are aiming to be at Dufferin this week.  Fish will be going into the brine later today to be smoked tomorrow.  Hopefully this east wind will go away.  Even at 7 this morning you can see the chop on the water and it has picked up yet again as the morning goes on.  Tonight it is said to die down and then be calm for a couple of days.  Tomorrow we hope to set some nets, smoke some fish and begin to prepare for Dufferin. 
Other than watching the marine weather reports and going down to our shore to visit the boat, all has been quiet.  Kids had alot of homework over the weekend that kept the computer pretty busy.  Nice to see that their memorizing of the keyboard is really improving but now to work on the keying skills and try to get them away from the chicken pecks. 
The leaves are beginning to change really quick around here.  The air has a bit more of a bite in the morning and makes you wonder if you should go back in for a sweater.  Our dogs are beginning to get their winter coats on and geese are leaving quickly. 
I guess that means caviar season is coming up.  Last time we fished the eggs are becoming large.  Could be a month from now I will be working on the first batch.  

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