Friday, November 26, 2010

First Real Snow Storm

Andrew walking back from the plant after getting the wood stove going

Looking from our shore towards King's Point Bluff

Looking at our little shelter and boat

The nets

Looking at the Processing Plant from the road
Someone let the sugar fairies loose.  Oh no, let me look again....  It's snow.
First real snow fall.  Today it is snow squalls, wind and lots of snow accumulation.  I guess the skis will be getting cleaned and waxed up this weekend.  The boys coach already sent out an e-mail asking for everyone to bring their skis next practice. 
This wind though is not cooperating.  It could be going up to 80km/h today and throw in some snow and driving will be interesting.  Fishing is right out of the question and may be for the rest of the weekend. 
Saw the first plow on the reserve drive by.  Most other band vehicles don't have their plows on yet.  I think this snuck up on some people.  It kinda caught us for we still have 5 cords of wood to stack.  After the rain yesterday and now snow today, this chore has just become a bit more than just exercise. 
I guess there is no complaining about it though.  We live in Canada and in a snow belt area so it shouldn't be such a surprise.  We are usually the crazy ones looking for sweaters in August knowing by November they will be hard to find.  Just the first real snow storm is a bit of sigh.  Makes you double check the list of things like the emergency kit for the van, does everyone have winter wear, is the pantry stocked and extra gas for the generators.  And oh yeah, where are the shovels? 
Just asked Andrew a stupid question.  Why do fish have nostrils? 
Leave you with that thought.

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