Sunday, October 31, 2010

Andrew is fishing today

Andrew was able to get his nets in the water yesterday.  This morning he slipped out to go and see what he caught.  He is fishing in an area he hasn't fished in a few months so he is wondering if that has paid off or not.  We shall see in a couple of hours.
Yesterday we were also planting garlic for next year.  First time doing this so not to sure how it will work.  Hopefully it does for we use alot of garlic in our cooking and also in our brines and smoked fish for markets. 
I was also able to clean some fish eggs so another batch of caviar is on its way to being completed.  
Tomorrow we will be making a run to do our restaurant deliveries for they have been doing without for over a week now for the high winds last week. 
We plan on doing Dufferin Grove this week but it depends on the weather.  Right now it seems like it may be a good possibility but I don't want to count the eggs before they hatch.  The marine weather says for Wednesday winds are going to be 15 knots from the south.  That is not the best conditions but it can be done. 
I best go and open the plant for Andrew will be back shortly.

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