Monday, June 28, 2010

Back on line

Wow a lot has happened since I last wrote.
Just a quick run down off events and some of them were:
A young bear visited us about two weeks ago and hung around in our tree for a bit before moving on.
A family of geese have moved in to our shore.
We were busy fishing but struggling with the algea and zebra mussels. 
Dealing with a lot of rain but our garden is liking it. 
Had to shut down for a week while the G20 was going on because we couldn't chance getting stuck in traffic.
Now fighting with the thunderstorms, wind and the algea.
Fish inspector and his supervisor paid us a visit this past week. 
And our oldest son has his grade eight grad tonight and wearing a tux for the first time. 
Having to cancel markets till we can get back fishing.  Hopefully sooner than later but the weather is suppose to be unsettled all this week.
Sorry for such a quick run through but it has been interesting.  I will update more regularly again and have to look at the pictures I have snagged over the last little while.
Hope everyone is enjoying their summer. 

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